The Key To Unlocking Your Soulful Healing

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Greetings Beloved Beautanical Therapy Followers. 

You have or are about to, embark upon the life transforming journey of Sandy Armbruster's remedying, correcting, wholesome, restorative and alleviating Beauty and Healing Range.

Like Sandy and exactly why we chose this collaboration, it is our Souls deepest desire, to See humans and animals healthy, physically, mentally and Spiritually free.

Our purpose and profession was birthed from within, an unstoppable and unquenchable place of pure PASSION. 

Welcome to The Key

A new monthly gift of insightful and Soulful healing, for ALL who desperately seek and desire to quit just DOing life and simply return to BEing life. The one most of humanity sadly but not fatally yet, left behind around the age of 8

Beginning  today, the PRESENT, we will embark together on the journey TOGETHER of REMEMBERING ....


Remembering WHO WE ARE!

Let's begin with a few questions?

What do you SEE when you look in the mirror?

How do you SPEAK to that self?

Do you SEE the version your parents, boss, colleagues, celebrities, family, "friends" teacher, enemies, community, society , authority figure believed and made you to believe you are?

Would you speak to your boss, colleague, partner, voice of "authority" in your life like you speak to yourself?

WHY? do we talk to our most precious selves that way...When last did you even think about the above questions or even wonder why

We FEED ( good or bad) our brains with knowledge , we feed our bodies with food (good and bad) Who or what do we feed our most important part of all? Our Soul....

What will YOU choose to do and say differently to the most important person in your life ....yes ....YOU.... believing you are or aren't does not alter the FACT, that you truly ARE. 

We spend most of our lifetime looking to people, things, places, outside of ourselves for love, validation and appreciation.

Tell me dear one....when last did YOU  ACCEPT, APPRECIATE and LOVE Yourself?

Research has shown that learning how to self-love is associated with:
Less anxiety and depression.
Better recovery from stress.
An overall more optimistic outlook on life.
Better adherence to healthy behaviour changes

To end this month's light on the subject of Self Love, the theme that will flow through and in my monthly letters of love to you, I will end with this quote...

“Loving yourself isn't vanity. It's sanity.” - Andre Gide.

Till the darling buds of May I bid you a LOVE YOURSELF day , everyday.

Michelle Tiger van Vuuren 

Beautanical Therapy HEALING JOURNEY Mentor 🦉



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