7 Tips to improve happiness and take control of your mental health

Are you tired of stress, anxiety, or pain? According to the Newport Institute, researchers and psychologists have found that behavior and habits practiced regularly over time, can improve your wellbeing tremendously. We’ve selected 7 to practice:


Here’s a thing: by practicing and exercising mindfulness you’ll be fully engaged in the present, whether taking a walk in nature or practicing meditation and focused breathing exercises. This will improve your state of mind and your mood so FOCUS on the now. I took a "me time" moment and walked our 9 Rhodesian Ridgebacks on our farm, it was so uplifting never underestimate the power of nature. 











Once you’re immersed in an activity it enhances your well-being, focus, and creativity. The objective is to create a state of “flow “. Make a delicious smoothie, start writing, creating art, gardening, or anything that gets you in the flow. This behavior eliminates distractions from your consciousness and will empower you to have an open mind whilst tuning into your creativity.

Try our delicious smoothie recipe it’s an immunity booster and increases your energy levels. Make this NOW. 


Relationships provide a consistent source of meaning. Social support facilitates a positive state of mind. Please be mindful this does not include social media or online connections. Call someone who inspires you for a meaningful chat or make arrangements for an awesome get-together whether it’s a Braai or a quick coffee with a friend. 








Share your story that’s where your healing begins. It’s a big trend now and TRUCOLLAB is one of the best in the business to help you find your purpose, identify your strengths, make a big life-changing decision, or help you when you are faced with an unexpected crisis in your life, relationships, or team. 


Trudy and Clarissa have a storytelling platform (click here) that’s life-changing, that not only heals the storyteller it offers incredible insight and perspective. I love that it’s in a safe space and always uplifting! You can find more information about what they do on their website. (Click Here)


Doing this will create feelings of achievement and great meaning and self-worth. The tasks can be as small as repacking your pantry or cleaning your linen cupboard. Rearranging produces positive emotions and deep satisfaction. Often we procrastinate when the tasks seem overwhelming so it’s an idea to be mindful of breaking the task down into smaller chunks. Try this it’s so rewarding and it works!




It’s that simple!!! Did you know the brain has a negative bias, we are wired to perceive danger and threats in order to survive? We need to consciously work to retrain the mind to appreciate and savor the good things. Pay attention to how things look, feel, smell, and taste. Take note of the moments of pleasure, awe, and connection. This facilitates and reinforces our tendency to experience the positives.


This is worth being mindful of all the opportunities that await you. By changing your environment you’ll spark joy and your happiness will flow. 


Research shows that people that flourish with mental health are more focused on the well-being of others. Contributing to the greater good is proven to enhance our happiness levels. Self-care is certainly important however there’s no time like the present to practice both. By clearing clutter and sharing what you don’t need, you open yourself up to receive so much more.

Mental health is paramount and being conscious of your mental state and the potential sources of your pain can help target your healing.

Look in the mirror every day and get a positive response when you ask yourself. “How are you today ?” In all you do, be mindful to be kind to yourself.
Once you’ve tried these amazing simple steps.

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