How much Be Well should I take?

For treatment, take 1 dropper every day.

For support, take ½ dropper daily

How do I measure my Be Well?

On each dropper, there is a black mark line which shows one dosage at 1ml or 1/2 ml.

How long does one bottle of Be Well last?

There are 30 full droppers per bottle.

How do I know how much Be Well to take?

Recommended daily dosage is one dropper per day - we recommend taking it at night.

 When should I take Be Well?

In instances where it is used for pain relief - take ½ dropper in the morning and ½ dropper at night. For treatment, we recommend taking it at night.

Will Be Well have a pschoactive effect or make me high?

CBD oil is purely CBD and contains no cannabinoids which are responsible for the psychoactive effect in cannabis.

 Can I overdose on Be Well?

You cannot overdose on CBD.

 Can Be Well help treat depression?

CBD oil has had huge success in treating depression and bipolarity - it helps tackle anxiety and stress and eases the feeling of depression when taken daily.

Can it be used on children and babies?

Yes it can. Dosage will be recommended when purchasing the oil based on the age and size of the child as well as what the oil will be treating.

 Is Be Well safe for pregnant women?

Yes. Some of the cannabinoids are actually found naturally in breast milk.

 Can I take Be Well if I am having chemotherapy treatment?

Yes, it is safe to use in conjunction with chemotherapy and can help your body recover after treatments.

 If I have diabetes, can I take Be Well?

Yes, in conjunction with a good diet - CBD can reduce your blood sugar levels.

If I am battling substance abuse, can Be Well help me?

Yes, CBD has proven effective in helping people battling substance abuse.

Can Be Well help children with ADHD?

Yes, CBD has proven effective in treating children with concentration difficulties.

Will Be Well help me with my pain?

CBD oil may help with the pain depending on the area, pain levels and the cause of the pain. Contact us to find out more.

Must Be Well be kept in the fridge?

It can be kept at room temperature.

Is Be Well safe for pets?

CBD is safe for pets. Contact us for CBD capsules specially formulated for cats and dogs.

Can Be Well help with weight loss?

Yes, hemp oil has proven effective in helping people lose weight.