The Key ; lack of resisting what is, is half the battle won.

The Key 🗝️

BLOOMING where you are 🌸

Hello and welcome to the Magical month of MAY🤗

For those of you that were born in this month like me, Happy Birthday 💫

Our hearts go out to ALL LIVING BEINGS in KZN 🇿🇦 

MAY Beautiful Sun SHINE through and bring peace ☮️ and restoration for all 🙏🕯️

Flowing forth from our theme of Self Love, we now explore the mostly untouched subject of ... VULNERABILITY.

Like Sensitivity which has been given a bad is most certainly NOT a Weakness!

The had a
few interpretations of the meaning, below being the exact one, I am referring to. "Willingness to show emotion or to allow one’s weaknesses to be seen or known; willingness to risk being emotionally hurt: The foundation for open communication consists of honesty, trust, and vulnerability."

The question I ask is ....

If honesty and trust are given such priority and esteem, then why so is Vulnerability not?🧐🤨


The goal and focus for this month's Beautanical love letter, is my desire to see men and women alike , showing  themselves and others that same Vulnerability.

ALLOWING in a sense, a state of unravelling and untangling of our incessant, life long conditioning. I know this was a HUGE BOULDER, in the way of  free flowing in my personal river of life.

One of the many reasons the Universe instrumentally and intentionally (via my GP) led me to Sandy's Beautanical/ Botanical Self Loving, Body Mind and Soul rejuvenating Range.

What started out as a solution seeking project for Adrian's migraines (my husband and fellow Soul Journey partner) and impending neurological issues,turned out to be the greatest gift for BOTH f us.

I had reached the state of VULNERABILITY, through watching him suffer endlessly without reprieve and it had forced the way open for deep communication and connection. Nothing like the humility of illness, exposing our fragility and immortality!

Sandy WAS and IS that one. Heart wide open, she embraced me risking to reveal the deeply emotional pain of seeing the Soul who set my heart on fire and who had my back for 35 years, in non relenting pain and who was  VULNERABLE enough, to admit that it was driving him fast and furiously to the cliffs edge.

Body, Mind and Emotions are all beautifully intertwined and connected and no person or experience can undo that.

Just think about when you feeling under the weather. Do you sing with delight and think positive thoughts? Wonderful if you do have grasped and living the art of ACCEPTANCE, APPRECIATION and LOVE, regardless of what may come. This lack of resisting what is, is half the battle won👌

However for most people, that is not the case. This is where the conscious choice to be Vulnerable ( blatantly open and honest with ourselves and those who we love and trust.

There are and will be times when we choose to be vulnerable with the wrong person or wrong timing and that can backfire, but that's the risk we take, as referred to in the dictionary meaning of the word.

Vulnerability makes leaders relatable and thus forms a stronger emotional connection.

A great leader can be a role model if they can admit mistakes, take criticism, show their vulnerability and do it all in stride.

Choosing vulnerability and owning our experiences demonstrates strength of character and emotional intelligence, both of which are important qualities for leaders.

People trust authentic people.

Embracing vulnerability builds trust, which is the foundational element of any healthy relationship.

Choosing Vulnerability makes you more human and approachable.

Being appropriately vulnerable will allow you to grow in leaps and bounds. Vulnerability allows us to open ourselves to options and solutions that we may not otherwise have seen.

As humans, admitting that we don’t have all the answers will also allow others to make meaningful contributions and feel more valued.

Hiding our vulnerability is a coping mechanism learnt and chosen consciously and unconsciously and has dire consequences.

Dig deep beautiful people, delve into your habits and defaults and RIP out that weed, by its roots and in May, replant your superpower in its place.

It is only when we decide to do this gardening of our Soul, that we can enjoy and reap the benefits of an honest and fulfilling life.

Going forward, I will be focussing on a product of the Beautanical/ Botanical Range that ties is naturally with the subject of my monthly theme.

Our para sympathetic nervous system is our protector / guardian. Choosing to be vulnerable for the first time can take its toll on us.

Just like we feed our bodies with hopefully nutritious food and our minds with knowledge. We too and incredibly importantly in the times we are living in, need to FEED our nervous system.

Beautanical Therapy Be Well CBD oil 1000mg is the PERFECT MATCH.

 Created and formulated amoungst another long list of incredible benefits, this POWER HOUSE gently protects our nervous system from rapid  degeneration.

I am a highly sensitive being, with a PSNS ( Parasympathetic Nervous system)  that requires loads more TLC than most)  Be Well's formula works wonders on gently balancing all the inner workings of this magnificent physical and connected to all,asset.

That's it for the month of May, I am gratefully and humbly off to experience The Majesty of Mauritius. My beloved through blood, sweat and tears at his place of employment, earned his way to four days of BLISS 🤩

MAY all beings everywhere, whether near or far, whether known to me or unknown, be happy. MAY they be well. MAY they be peaceful. MAY they be free.🕯️🌈


Till we meet again in Joyful June.

All my authentic love.


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