The Key; to building new memories and letting go of the old.

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The Key 
Building New Memories. Did you feel emotionally sensitive and nostalgic this May? I know I did ..... 
Did you find yourself questioning the past, and you sought time to be alone and work through your thoughts and memories. 
I trust you allowed your memories to surface and let yourself feel the emotions that come up. Honour too, the memory of more difficult times, by reflecting on the ways they have contributed to who you are today.This process will help you feel cleansed and free from unexpressed emotions, and you will then be able to move forward. If you have trouble making the transition from past to present, you might want to affirm aloud your intention to not be held back by the past anymore. Honouring our memories and focusing on the ways our past experiences have blessed us, can offer a richer awareness and appreciation for where we currently are in life.
We simply cannot go back and dwell in the past. Remembering that life is a continuous journey of exploration, experience, and growth. We can choose to see our past experiences as building blocks that have contributed to our present. We are then able to devote our full consciousness to creating positive life experiences now, which will also serve as treasured memories later.
The time has come to be seen and heard.
Sandy Armbruster's passion for her purpose and her Nature Inspired Range of Healing Heroes and Beauty Botanicals, have transformed my inner world and in turn are transforming my outer world. 
May and the months leading up to May, taught me that we are not serving ourselves, our families, our communities, our country or our world, when we stay small and hide ourselves away from the perceived hostile world. This Phoenix has risen from the ashes and encourages you ALL, to do the same.
 PHOENIX TEARS by Beautanical, has been HUGELY instrumental in this process and the unfolding has been a beautiful, unrushed, unforced SACRED EXPANSION.
And on that note ......
An enchanting month of expansion and second chance. 
June , the month of the Rose signifies the end of the first half of 2022. June beckons us to call upon the teacher within, the one who lays dormant.A month and period going forward, to reach for what seemed too high for you before 
Place yourself in the Drivers seat of your own future.You have the control, you are just not aware of it yet.
June is widely known as the month of Abundance and joy.Time to show compassion and concern for the well-being of everyone. What better place to find that for yourself and all those around you, than at Beautanical Therapy. Know when to give and when to let others take care of you! There are so many incredible offerings of assistance to increment this self care  @Beautanical Therapy. Beautanical Therapy is in every room of my home and I often think to myself ...How did you cope with life before Sandy, well that's just it people...I coped, I survived. Don't you want to go from Survive to THRIVE?  I KNOW YOU DO!Sandy's life changing elixirs offer you the chance to give back to the Body, Mind and Soul a comforting, natural, healing help it cries out for in so many ways....? 
PAIN RELAX is brilliant partner in a non harming, non addictive, Capsules and drops format, to soothe, comfort and reduce pain. I love that is does not hurt our divine gut biome and has zero side effects, unlike its dangerous chemical counterpart.Wether we choose to admit it or not, we humans are ALL in pain of some sort, shape or form. We either choose to face our emotions and heal them, or suppress and repress them which leads to suffering. 
Pain is inevitable....suffering is not!
In the words of another firm  favourite woman and role model of mine , in addition to Sandy Armbruster."Inhale lots of love, Exhale lots of love " and FIND WHAT FEELS GOOD....Adriene Mishler my Yoga guide and Souls friend.
What I so admire and earnestly respect about this other Soul Sister, is her life's decision to choose NOT TO FORCE any pose or position and crank the body, mind or soul. But rather to work WITH the WHOLE PERSON and listen to it and BEFRIEND it, love it And GIVE IT , all the TLC it so deeply deserves! 
She goes on to say Yoga is not for flexible people, like so many choose to believe. Rather....the truth is ....
Yoga makes us flexible. When we teach and aid our bodies to be flexible, the mind follows. This human and her passion for her craft and holistic medicine has too transformed my world, internally and in turn externally.
June is a perfect time, to make a decision to focus intently and authentically on your Soul development. How are your actions aligning with your values? Slip into a warm bath of RELAX , infused Bath Salts and a hot cup of EXOTIC or STABILIZE Tea and  contemplate this question? 
For those, like most who are struggling with Insomnia and Post Covid issues, like inflammation. Beautanical again offers such Divine Solutions. MOBILIZE (one of my all time go to favourites, so yummy my STAFFIE Optimus Prime wants to devour it 
Beautanicals range overflows from Sandy's Heart space passion to see Humans and animals Healthy, Healed, Vibrant and Whole. The Beautanical Range is comprehensive. 
Sandy is just a what's app away to steer and lovingly guide you to the magic that awaits you when you make the decision not to add to the problem, by ingesting chemicals and rather turn to NATURE ....our HEALING HERO 
"Change for the better happens, when the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of change". Till we meet in July, let's consciously do our part to raise our individual vibrations. 
The awesome in me, bows to the awesome in you.

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