Embracing The Shadow

Embracing the Shadow 
As a child and even well into my young adult life, I was terrified of the darknessand particularly, when I was alone in that darkness.
June 2022 was about finally acknowledging the unseen parts of myself that ain't so appealing or marketable. Yes we ALL have one, whether we choose to believe it or not ...it's a harsh and an undeniable truth.
 We dig our heels in, we drive  ourselves to distraction with every reason under the sun, why not to confront these INTERNAL issues. We then join the ranks of all those who glorify the word "busy". 
We refuse, procrastinate, delay,  for "tomorrow"...until weeks, months, years and decades bypass us and we are left with a deep, dark, regret and the shadow that once was safely stowed away, now looms over our crown, like a pitch black rain cloud.
For some, like me, who did not choose to engage their will in this matter, a love like no other, gives us the most gracious gentle shove, out of the light. 
We begin to painfully, but necessarily, FEEL and DEAL with the "dirt" and dust,  that has suffocated our vision of ourselves and the world for our lifetime. The HEALING journey we began, begins to flow into, miraculously cleanse and restore an unjustly ignored, equally important, sacred part of our BEing.....Our Shadow Self 
June 2022 arrived and forced this turning point upon me.
To finally fully explore questions about myself, my choices and ultimately my life thus far. 
As the scratchy, grass broom swept consistently away, through the PAIN, there was incredible GAIN! A clarity,  understanding and profound acceptance of the When? Where? Why? Whom? A newfound and sorely missing healthy self compassion, for the "hidden" and deeply wounded parts of me. 
Although, thinking about it, can feel frightening and intimidating, this shadow work, as they have named it, is nothing to fear. It’s about integration. It’s bringing authentic, real love to the dark places within you, so you can finally feel whole.
Here is an extract from an extremely well written and explained meaning of Shadow work 
"Your shadow is always in the background of your consciousness, housing the parts of yourself that have been rejected, forgotten, tossed aside. Shadow work is simply the act of becoming aware of these disowned places within you and embracing what they too have to teach you.
With awareness comes healing, as you begin to separate your true self from the false beliefs and perceptions you’ve been holding onto.
Shadow work is ultimately about learning how to accept yourself, validate yourself, and own yourself. And when you own yourself, you become the true creator of your life.
When you dive into the shadows of yourself you will find anger and tears, but with it comes the immense relief of letting go of the invisible weight, triggers, and pain that have held you captive.
With it comes a sense of peace, love, and acceptance that springs up like a well from deep within, filling all the voids inside you with the light of your own truth.
Shadow work can be challenging and confronting, and it requires courage for you to go deep, but it’s also one of the most essential and rewarding things you can do for your soul’s growth, to step into your true power, and bring more light to the whole world."
I highly recommend going through it by choice, if possible. Ultimately there is no way or escaping the process on your journey.
Once you learn to acknowledge, accept and integrate your shadow, you can step into a true sense of balance, authenticity, and wholeness within yourself."
Research, read and enlighten yourself. There are incredible support systems for this empowering step, in the form of literature, podcasts, trusting loved ones on the same journey.  All of these will help guide you through a deep dive into your shadow, so you can come out the other side feeling more like your wholly lovable self.
The world timing for this is just perfect, because like everyone of us, you are too looking for better ways to cope with all of these emotions and feelings boiling within. 
Like all of us, you want better and more pleasant life for yourself, more joy and less suffering, better relationships with others, yourself, better understanding of your life path and true calling – your purpose, where is your place in the society, balance in life, more self-love, better self-awareness and connection with your true highest version of self 
During our journey on planet Earth, we go through so many things that consume our energy and attention. All of these things shape us in one way or another.
Shadow work, is another Key to higher EQ and self-awareness.  It helps us to understand ourselves better, finding our, unique path and purpose. The process of shadow work is simply the process of de-conditioning and unlearning everything we were taught, conditioned to believe, see, feel, understand about ourselves, others and our world.
"Shadow work is actually something that is always happening. Whatever we reject, resist, suppress, deny, ignore, neglect and keep hidden, feeds the shadow self.
Everything we’re ashamed of, all our secrets, our unfulfilled desires, everything that frightens us, what we can’t stand, situations, triggers, people that make us angry, jealous, envious, obsessed, that which we find repulsive, disgusting, unacceptable, uncomfortable, all that we don’t want to talk about, everything we avoid, we want to keep away from ourselves or hide from others, FEEDS our shadow.  
Long story short......we simply cannot outrun our shadow, it refuses to be ignored forever. 
On that note ....The perfect Beautanical Therapy products, I would highly recommend to make use of regularly and especially during these confronting our shadow times.
I have noted the webpage link to each of my personally used and highly recommended products in times such as these. 
Please take a good look at the outstanding clean ingredients used and the incredible benefits addressed. 
Relax Bath Salts 
So beautifully softens and cleanses the harsh, chemical laden water we soak our worn out bodies in. Never mind the long list of healing benefits.
I always experience body pain and muscle aches at night during periods of emotional stress. Mobilize is my masseuse in a tub.
Pain Relax 
An unquestionable monthly must have. No Opiods or anti Anxiety chemical drugs for my precious body or my loved ones. 
Sleep Tight 
Phoenix Tears 
Sleep is a non negotiable if you wish to live a healthy life. All 3 of the above oils are used amoungst other healing qualities ...for Insomnia. See which is the right fit for you, if you are confused or need guidance Sandy is a what's app away 083 262 5858 and a more invested, rooting for your recovery and healing, hands on Guide.....you will struggle to find! 
Of course there are abundant beauty treatment products to lay on the much needed and welcomed Self Care, so head on over to https://beautanicaltherapy.co.za/ your Body, Mind and Soul will thank you.
I am a shadow
No one knows who i am
No one cares about me
No one notices my existence
I am just a silhouette
Someone without a name
Sometimes I want to break free
Of that someone who owns me
I want to make a name of my own
And feel the feelings I haven't shown
But how can i?
I am unknown..
I am a shadow..
and might forever be..
Unless you would come
and set me free..
Till August .......befriend, listen to, love and heal your unique shadow self.

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