Benefits of Collagen + CBD on your Skin

For many years, women all over the world have looked to doctors for anti-aging remedies. Many ladies have gone under the knife for "oridinary" treatments like having a tummy tuck. Hell in China, you can get a towel soaked in alcohol applied to your face before setting it on fire to treat wrinkles and unwanted fat.  

Collagen Benefits Everyone

It seems that the key to young and beautiful skin lies in natural and organic ingredients. Collagen is a protein found in the body that is important for our skin, tendons, and even bones. In actual fact, it's the most abundant protein in our body. A whopping 80% of our skin is made up of the stuff.  Like glue holding everything together.

As a young adult, our bodies' ability to produce collagen is excellent but as we age, our ability to produce collagen slows down dramatically. As it slows down, it can result in skin sagging and wrinkles forming and it can even affect our bones. Applying collagen to our skin - or even eating collagen can help replenish the collagen in our skin and create a healthier and smoother looking skin.

CBD + Collagen Benefits

Cannabis is a wonderful ingredient - it introduces endocannabinoids into our skin which relieves inflammation and pain and starts to heal our skin from the inside out. Not only does it relieve any inflammation - CBD increases the blood flow to our skin and destroys free radicals produced by our bodies. Cannabis relieves the skin - it is a wonderful moisturiser and it can help our body to naturally increase the amount of collagen being produced.

When you’ve read through all the benefits of collagen and cannabis for your skin - it's easy to see why it's the dream team of natural skincare. It’s also important to remember that these are two ingredients that are produced by nature - therefore favor against negative reactions.

Using a CBD infused cream for your skin can also help relieve stress and anxiety. That means a better night's sleep and more time for your body to heal naturally. We all know that our beauty sleep is vital to staying happy and healthy.

Beautanical Therapy - Collagen + CBD Cream

It became obvious that we needed to create a unique blend of these two wonder ingredients. And so the Beautanical Therapy Day and Night Cream a collagen infused vitamin rich skin for all of you beauties, was born. Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. 




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