Pain Relax - Anti Inflammatory

Pain Relax - Anti Inflammatory

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Treats pain and anxiety.

All natural, non toxic, non psycho active, thc free .

Pain Relax has been designed for maximum endocannibinoid support to reduce pain and stress from everyday life. It reduces the effect of stress and anxiety, reduces nausea & vomiting, and relaxes the body and mind.

The CBD also reduces inflammation in the body and treats chronic pain from all illnesses from arthritis to irritable bowel syndrome and more.

We recommend Pain Relax for those suffering from chronic muscular pains like sciatica and osteoporosis, and diabetes as well as those suffering from sports injuries, muscular injuries and post-operative muscular pain.

If you are a passionate athlete, we recommend you use pain relief as a support on a daily basis to help prevent injuries and pain in conjunction with Mobilize Recovery Cream.


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