ECS 7,5

ECS 7,5

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Suggested Dose: Start with 1 capsule in the evening and adjust dosage to suit.
Capsules can be taken orally, rectally and vaginally.

The medicine is non-toxic and any psychoactivity will pass once the extracts have been metabolised.

Created for maximum endocannabinoid support.
May lead to feelings of euphoria and calm. Reduces pain and inflammation.
May help reduce radiation nausea.
Aids in cancer treatment.
Nutrient treatment based on public research.

Capsule contents: Distillate in olive oil.

Warning: This medicine can be psychoactive and lead to drowsiness in some people and increased activity in others. Not for use by pregnant persons or persons with breast cancer. This product can impair motor skills and judgement and should not be used before/while driving or operating heavy machinery.

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