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Improve Elasticity of Skin

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Got Pigmentation of the Skin?

Try our Deep Tissue pigmentation treatment to heal you. Concentrated oil based cream for improving the elasticity of the skin and reducing wrinkles and pigmentation damage.


CBD, coconut oil, MSM, and our biological collection therapy oil. 


Treats all skin cancers, eczema, persistent rashes, bruising, speeds up healing and reduces scarring. The benefits of ‘Deep Tissue’ are:  It can be applied anywhere including being used as a facial night cream without adverse side effects. Treatment of questionable moles and tags. This is a deep tissue treatment that silently gets to work while you carry on with your day.


Activity and Delivery:

Although Deep Tissue was formulated to treat skin cancers, it has proven itself as a beauty product. Because it promotes healthy cell growth of the skin and over time removes cells that are mutating, it helps with pigmentation. This excellent moisturizer also works on deep tissue, promoting fast recovery and health, and is excellent for speeding up the recovery of bruising.

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