Be Well Oil - Beautanical Therapy
Be Well Oil - Beautanical Therapy

Be Well Oil 1000mg - Wellness

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Be Well CBD oil 1000mg, can treat many ailments in the body. The the most common are depression, anxiety, insomnia, pain, inflammation, epilepsy, parkinsons, ADD, crohn's disease, seizures and convulsions, autism and arthritis. Our Be Well CBD oil can help inhibit the growth in tumors and cancers, promote bone growth, reduce the risk of artery blockage and cholesterol, prevent nervous system degeneration and reduce blood sugar levels. Above all, it has the highest concentration of CBD (1000mg) for an incredible price. 

Should you suffer from Arthritis and since we are firm believers in the inside out approach to healing, we highly recommend you combine our Mobilize Infused Recovery Cream We recommend using the cream to massage your joints and use the drops daily to get the best out of the medicine. In conclusion, using these products together will increase your recovery 50% quicker.

How Potent is the CBD Oil?

Be well healing CBD oil 1000mg/30ml

How Many Drops Should You Take

Use one 1/2 ml dose every evening, however consult your doctor to get the best opinion

How to Store the CBD Oil

Store in a cool area, out of direct sunlight between 18 and 22 degrees


All of our products are handmade with love in small batches with all natural ingredients. As a result, this means there could be differences in colour, scent and viscosity. We recommend trying our creams and oils on a small area of skin before use to check for any reaction. Please consult a medical professional before using these products if you are using any chronic medication or have any allergies. 

For more information about our story and how Beautanical Therapy came to life, please checkout our story via the following link.

If you are unsure about which products are best for you don't stress, we are here to help. Please book a free consultation with Sandy via whatsapp +27 83 262 5858

If you want additional information about CBD oil 1000mg, you can checkout our blog or get an understanding of the benefits Here

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