Our Beauty Box  products are all saturated in CBD. Feeding, repairing all damaged cells and moisturising your skin for a youthful and healthy look.

As we begin to live longer on average, we need to take better care of our skin to slow the aging and repair the damage. 

I'm sure you thinking... does CBD actually help with this? Truth be told, it's a massive game changer and we have seen unreal results that you will be left speechless. 

Inside the beauty box you will receive:

  1. CBD + Collagen Night Cream, means the most advanced anti-aging treatment we have seen so far. 
  2. CBD + Collagen Day Cream is perfect for reducing wrinkles and keeping skin moisturised on hot days. 
  3. Fountain of Youth is chosen by sufferers of skin cancers and is an effective treatment when applied directly on to the problematic area.

For every Beauty Box, we will give you a Lip Balm for FREE.